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We at Pizza Italian Academy are there first school specialized in training of professional pizza chefs with offices in all major cities ofItaly as well as in Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Thanks to our instructors we are able to guarantee the maximum results for those who want to take up the profession of pizza maker or for those who simply want to improve their theoretical knowledge and technical skills.

Our brand Pizza Italian Academy (PIA), now known by all as a reference point for professionals and pizzerias, is part of the PIA Corporation Company network, the largest organization in the world as for the training of pizza makers, cooks and bakers.

Not just training

In addition to the preparation of excellent pizza chefs, we also offer services regarding:
  • Selection and recruitment of pizza makers for small and large pizza chains
  • Professional advice for pizzerias
  • Sale of clothing and accessories
  • Sale of raw materials for pizza

Contact us without any obligation for more information about our school and our courses.

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Job offers for pizza chefs

Discover hundreds of job offers for pizza chefs in Italy and abroad on piajob.com.

Pizza chef uniforms


Pizza chef uniforms

Professional clothing for Pizzaoli

Fantastic uniforms, T-Shirts, Hats, Pants and Aprons for pizza chefs at exceptional prices to buy online.

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