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Study our complete course with us and at the end you will also get the certificate

The Institute

Pizzaitalianacademy international leader in training for both basic and professional pizza makers.

Pizzaitalianacademy is present all over the world with qualified instructors, this course was written by one of the best pizza instructors of the entire Academy.

The advantages of the video course

  • you can use the video course when and where you prefer
  • lifetime access
  • lower cost than a face-to-face course
  • the convenience of learning without having to move from home
  • you can adapt the playback of the video course to your needs: stop, listen again and/or more
  • you will learn all the complete theory that a professional pizza chef must know
  • get the certificate of attendance

With this video course you will learn everything a professional pizza maker needs to know in order to juggle making different types of pizza and dough, choosing the right flours and solving leavening problems due to various factors. Only through complete knowledge of the theory can you understand all the various processes that make dough digestible, non-rubbery and tasty. they serve.

Today, a pizza maker to truly consider himself a professional, in addition to the practice that is obviously learned in the field, must necessarily know all the theoretical part in depth, and this video course is for this. If you want to distinguish yourself from any pizza maker who studies, we put all the theoretical knowledge at your disposal

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