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Many pizzerias in recent years have begun to offer customers gluten-free pizza, thus offering the possibility of eating a pizza in complete tranquility to those suffering from this intolerance. This is an offer that the most sensitive pizzerias have simply translated into a variant of traditional pizza.

The final result of gluten free pizza does not change, a margherita or marinara will be as good as the others, the difference lies only in the dough, which is also difficult to perceive. The best pizzerias that have had this sensitivity, in many cases have created complementary menus with the classic pizzas and some nice variations that further pleases the intolerant customer.

It is also curious to see how many unaffected by this problem order gluten free pizza, initially to try, then for many it becomes a pleasant continuity, almost as if they want to "prevent" this widespread intolerance.

Our gluten-free pizza course is aimed at those who want to open a gluten-free pizzeria or who want to introduce it in their pizzeria. We teach: how to bring a pizzeria up to standard to be able to make a gluten-free pizza, all techniques for making an excellent dough gluten free, direct gluten free dough and gluten free dough with biga but also gluten free bread. 

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