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Courses for pizza chefs

PizzaItalianAcademy has always been theonly real school which organizes professional training courses for pizza chefs throughout Italy in addition toabroad internationally certified ISO 9001.

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Thanks to our method consolidated for years, with 4/5 hours a day and without any basic knowledge we will make you an excellent pizza chef in PIA accredited pizzerias where you can immediately practice in a real pizzeria environment, our courses are individual in the sense that it will be just you and the teacher or at most reserved for 2 people at a time. How long our courses start from 2 weeks up to 8 weeks depends on how much practice you want to do in the pizzeria, because the more time you spend practicing with us and the better you become, the better you will become and the more chances of finding a job you will have once finished. course! Only in this way can you truly learn!

This is what we offer you:

  • International diploma as pizza chef valid all over the world certified ISO9001 (both in Italian and English or other languages ​​of your choice)
  • Complimentary professional clothing
  • Free pizza chef's operating manual in Italian and English, or also in French and Spanish
  • Book of recipes and doughs "I maestri della Pizza" the pizza book published by our publishing house GUSTO EDITORE, which is the best-selling pizza book in the bookstore, you will get it for free and it is our exclusive.

Our ISO 9001 Certificate

PiaJOB service

Pia Job

After the course we help you to find work as a pizza maker in Italy or abroad right away.

Register of Pizzaioli

Register of Pizzaioli

Immediately the certificate of registration in the Register of Pizzaioli with many advantages and opportunities.

Do you want to work now?

After the course we give everyone the opportunity to be hired immediately in a pizzeria in Italy or abroad. How? We have a specialized work site in the world of catering www.PIAJOB.com where you can enter your curriculum and contact the many pizzerias who are looking for a pizza maker, also in the cities of Milan and Rome after the course some of our pizzerias hire course participants obviously if they have shown that they are committed and have learned adequately.

In Rome we give everyone the opportunity to work after the course with recruitment in good standing and starting salary of 1.500 euros per month, to access this type of recruitment you must do at least the 1-month course, the areas where you can take the course and subsequently being hired are: Anagnina, Boccea, Eur, Gregorio Settimo, Bravetta, Monte Spaccato, La Storta, Trionfale, Torvergata.

Abroad in addition to being able to take the course with us directly there, you can be hired immediately after the course, in one of our affiliated pizzerias in the cities of: London, Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg , Principality of Monaco, Dominican Republic, also with accommodation, doing the pizza course for a month before.

Nobody offers you these real job opportunities.

Where do we do our courses?

With over 180 instructors both in Italy that allabroad you will understand for yourself that we are the largest organization in the world that organizes professional courses to become a pizza maker.

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With us you can become a pizza maker starting from scratch

Choose our basic and advanced courses to learn any style of pizza:

  • classic pizza course (thin and crunchy)
  • Neapolitan pizza courses (also with release of additional diploma "Authentic Neapolitan pizza" brand owned by us dedicated site www.anticapizzanapoletana.com)
  • Roman-style pizza in shovel courses
  • pan pizza course
  • Neapolitan pizza course "boat style"
  • gourmet pizza course
  • ROMAN grip course
  • gluten free pizza course
  • course of Genoese and Bari focaccia
  • course of Romagna piadina
  • advanced courses of indirect doughs with biga, polish and mother yeast

Courses authentic Neapolitan pizza

Are you a pizza chef and would you like to become one of our instructors?

For pizza makers who want to join our team we organize courses to become instructors throughout Italy.

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Remember that with us you will not take a course in the classroom or in a laboratory with many young people, we only offer individual courses or for a maximum of 2/3 people at a time.

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Are you already a professional pizza maker and want to improve yourself?

Rely on our group to take a SECOND LEVEL course or to BECOME A PIZZAIOLO MASTER these courses are open all year round to improve your skills and become part of our group.

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Do you want to move to live and work in Australia after the course?

If after the course you want to move to live and work in Australia we have a partnership with an Italian / Australian company GOSTUDY Australia that can offer you a complete turnkey transfer: they will find you a house to rent before leaving by choosing one of the Australian cities. where you want to go, they will give you an Australian sim card already in Italy before leaving, they will give you an Australian visa for one year and as soon as you arrive they will already provide you with the first job interviews.

If you want to open a pizzeria or if you already have one open that is in difficulty, this is the course for you

Always overbooked

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Pizza chef courses abroad

Do you want to become a pizza chef outside Italy? Pizza Italian Academy offers you the opportunity to follow his professional courses for pizza chefs in Europe and in the world within the affiliated pizzerias.

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Some testimonials about our courses

Interview with Arturo Mazzeo
President of Pizza Italian Academy

Job offers for pizza chefs

Discover hundreds of job offers for pizza chefs in Italy and abroad on piajob.com.

Pizza chef uniforms


Pizza chef uniforms

Professional clothing for Pizzaoli

Fantastic uniforms, T-Shirts, Hats, Pants and Aprons for pizza chefs at exceptional prices to buy online.

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